“You cannot go wrong with Bocelli. I have returned here several times and have never been disappointed, as the service and quality is always consistent. This is one of Adelaide’s best cafes and really has a family-owned atmosphere. You can tell that the staff take pride in their jobs and the food is always well-presented and of a good standard. The value of the menu is also very good, with no price-gouging, which is true for many cafes in town. This is a place I would take someone for a lunch engagement, as you know that you won’t be let down!” – LX

“Great fast service. Love the coffee. The menu is good. Every time I have eaten here the food has been great. service is friendly and fast” – Stephen D

“Located on trendy culinary hub Hutt St, Bocelli is not just a typical Italian restaurant and has several really good things going for it. First is its great corner location with ample outdoor seating for heaps of a la carte dining. There is plenty of room inside and the atmosphere is casual and welcoming.” – Sarah B

“A great place to eat with generous portions, excellent taste and reasonably priced. All in all a great value Cafe style meal. The desert counter with those great fresh cakes and other delights is always good with a nice coffee on a Saturday night to get out of the house. well done fellas and girls will always come back.” – Cammo Rave

“Bocelli is a really nice Italian restaurant that is great for pretty much everything from coffee, dessert, main meals, breakfast, and is good for families too. Bocelli caters for everyone.

The place is spacious with a lot of tables so booking ahead is not necessarily vital in securing a table, plus there is outdoor seating as well.

My favourite thing on the menu would have to be the salmon pizza. Since Scoozi got rid of theirs, Bocelli is my only go-to besides Goodlife. Their pizzas are a generous serving size, plus they aren’t stingy on the toppings!

There are also an assortment of sweets and cakes on display at the front of the shop, as well as gelati.

The staff are quite friendly, and always willing to accommodate larger groups.

This place is an all-rounder that ticks all the boxes.” – Adeleine T